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This is a PDF file containing the book The Character Codex Vol. III.

Page Count: 100 pages

A new supplement from Ranger Games for the Dice & Glory game system containing specialist character classes drawn from Asian and Middle-Eastern history and lore. This book is a great resource for both Players and GamesMasters wishing to introduce some eastern flavor into their game!

Requires the Dice & Glory Core Rulebook

This book contains:

  • Over 51 Eastern-themed Fantasy Specialist Classes with full descriptions of class abilities and level progression tables!
  • Of these, there are 6 Brick classes, 14 Fighter classes, 4 Adventurer classes, 6 Rogue classes, 2 Psychic classes, 11 mage classes, 8 Clergy classes, and 13 NPC classes!
  • NPC tables which can be applied to NPC's to easily apply specialist class levels!
  • 23 forms of stylized Martial Arts forms!
  • ...And advice on ninja, samurai, and martial clans in general; information on special training and skill programs with tables and stats for the armor and Weaponry of the East.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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